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This is the wiki for the upcoming hacker camp in the Netherlands, the successor of SHA2017. Probably SHA2021, which is basically: Copy, Paste, Improve.

The next event will take place from 6 to 10 of August 2021. Probably again on the beautiful terrain in Zeewolde.

Join the chatter at #sha2021 on hackint. New to IRC? Use the web client.




This page is part of the organization of MCH2021. Feel free to look around and please note that information on pages such as the Main Page or Q&A is kept more up to date.

MCH2021 is a "DIY" hacker event, organized by volunteers and everyone who visits. If you want to help preparing the event, please join the orga by participating in a team. At the event, please participate as an angel.

For all matters on making the next hacker camp a reality, check the orga section of this wiki. Organization