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This is an identity suggestion for the next dutch hacker camp. View all identity crisis entries and guidelines, here.
Author(s) GigaWalt
New name of the event May Contain Hackers
What is the (deeper) message the name tries to convey We can hack anything everywhere. Aybody can hack. So of course "it" contains hackers. But the message is that we are a global power that does not depend on the hacker label: if you want to improve the world, go ahead. And you may even call yourself a hacker.
Related Keywords / synonyms All-inclusive, freedom, choice, hacking
Acronym MCH
What is the (deeper) message the acronym tries to convey It could also mean Mission Critical Hardware.
What concepts or ideas bind these elements (name, acronym, mood board) May contain hackers has a nice ring to it. It sounds familiar. At first you think it's funny and then you wonder.. what *is* a hacker? Am I one? Break free from labels and become part of the global force.

Mood Board

Mch1.png Mch2.jpg Mch3.jpg