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== Mood Board ==
== Mood Board ==
[[image:muppetlabs.jpg|200px]] [[image:huisvandetoekomst.jpg|200px]] [[image:groeneeeuw.png|200px]] [[image:startrek.jpg|200px]] [[image:groenetoekomst.jpg|200px]][[image:greenfuture.jpg|200px]] [[image:groenestad.jpg|200px]] [[image:groeneeeuw2.png|200px]] [[image:howthefuck.png|200px]]
[[image:muppetlabs.jpg|200px]] [[image:groeneeeuw.png|200px]] [[image:huisvandetoekomst.jpg|200px]] [[image:groenetoekomst.jpg|200px]][[image:startrek.jpg|200px]] [[image:greenfuture.jpg|200px]] [[image:groenestad.jpg|200px]] [[image:groeneeeuw2.png|200px]] [[image:howthefuck.png|200px]][[image:harbara.png|200px]]

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This is an identity suggestion for the next dutch hacker camp. View all identity crisis entries and guidelines, here.
Author(s) Harm, Mike, Moem, Lily
New name of the event Hack The Future
What is the (deeper) message the name tries to convey The future looks like shit, let's fix that.
Related Keywords / synonyms
  • energy
  • future
  • action
  • optimism
  • green tech
  • revolution
  • de Groene Eeuw
Acronym HTF
What is the (deeper) message the acronym tries to convey How the fuck? That's the big question. How the fuck are we going to get to a better future? Let's find out.

Also hypertext functions. Not sure yet how the fuck that fits in. We'll think of something.

What concepts or ideas bind these elements (name, acronym, mood board) The future looks like shit, let's fix that. We don't want to passively wait for things to get better or magically become the way we want them to be. We want to take action. The future is the ultimate challenge, the final frontier. We're ready to take it on.

Mood Board

Muppetlabs.jpg Groeneeeuw.png Huisvandetoekomst.jpg Groenetoekomst.jpgStartrek.jpg Greenfuture.jpg Groenestad.jpg Groeneeeuw2.png Howthefuck.pngHarbara.png