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This is an identity suggestion for the next dutch hacker camp. View all identity crisis entries and guidelines, here.
Author(s) GigaWalt
New name of the event Hackers Can Fix
What is the (deeper) message the name tries to convey Why are we hacking? We are hacking to make a better world. We know how to reverse engineer the world around us, apply our hacking skills and put together a better world. It has a positive vibe: we can make the world a better place!

This is like FTW but with the necessary "H" ij the acronym, which is nonsense.

Related Keywords / synonyms Improvement, progress, cooperation, hacking, action, here and now, together, world
Acronym HCF
What is the (deeper) message the acronym tries to convey A pun on Halt and Catch Fire, the opcode that wilt halt a computer and fry the CPU. The deeper meaning is that the world is slowly halting and catching fire. Fixing needs to be done urgently! And we can do it. A call for action.
What concepts or ideas bind these elements (name, acronym, mood board) Pending doom. Shared responsibility. Call for action. Improvements.

Mood Board

Hcf1.jpg Hcf2.jpg Hcf3.jpg Ftw4.jpg Hcf4.jpg