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== MCH IRC channels ==
== MCH IRC channels ==
Main channel: #mch2021
Main channel: #mch2021 on [https://webchat.oftc.net/ OFTC].
Teams and projects:
For the IRC channels for individual teams see the [[Teams]] page.
{{#ask: [[Category:Team||Project]]
[[IRC Channel::+]]
|?IRC Channel=
Note that all channel names start with <tt>#</tt>, and some IRC clients require that you include it.
== IRC Clients ==
== IRC Clients ==

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Our main form of informal communication is IRC.

Where to find us

Join the chatter at #mch2021 on irc.oftc.net.

If you don't have IRC client software, you can use the web chat client in your browser.

What is IRC?

IRC, or Internet Relay Chat is one of the oldest still active chat protocols on the internet. It is typically used with IRC clients that connect to IRC servers, which are grouped in IRC networks. Being a very open protocol, IRC does not prescribe any single specific program to use, so there are many to choose from, and they all work differently. If that sounds like too much work, the web chat is an easy way to skip all that. Do note, however, using a full IRC client gives more features and is more comfortable for long term sessions. Most seasoned IRC users leave their IRC clients connected 24/7!

A note for the IRC newbies among us: unlike most newer chat technologies, IRC is a "you had to be there" thing. You can't scroll back to conversations that happened before you joined the channel. To enjoy IRC, you will need to actually be present in the channel. So please be patient and wait for replies (and be forgiving if everybody seems to be asleep; just come back another time and try again.)

MCH IRC channels

Main channel: #mch2021 on OFTC.

For the IRC channels for individual teams see the Teams page.

IRC Clients

Recommended open source IRC clients:

Terminal based

Feel free to edit this page and add your own recommendation. But please only include open source clients that you actually recommend :)

A huge list of IRC clients is available on Wikipedia.


There's a Matrix bridge that allows bidirectional access to the MCH channels, for users of the Matrix federated chat network. I'm sure a Matrix fan will add instructions here soon. :)