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The BadgeBar at SHA2017 was a huge success, so of course we want it to be back with a vengeance in 2021!

All Badges Welcome

The SHA2017 badge was a unique device at the time, sporting the e-ink display and ESP32 controller. However, the team behind the badge did not stop there, and continued to maintain and update this base to enhance events like Disobey 2019, Hacker Hotel 2019 and CampZone 2019 under the BADGE.TEAM banner. Of course these badges are warmly welcome at the Badgebar, as well as badges from other events!

Badge Orphanage

The BADGE.TEAM badges are not only intended to augment the event, but also to be useful afterwards. This has been a great success: badges are being used as hackerspace infrastructure all over the Netherlands (and perhaps beyond?), and for example ran the BalCC0n lighting rig.

Do you have a badge you're not using? Bring it to the Orphanage to make it available for fellow-hackers to put it to good use!

Perhaps we should try and think of some neat perk to offer to people who contribute to the orphanage?