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The Guardians of Heaven! We make hands and feet
1st line contacts: SynQ, Sling
Is an exclusive team: Yes
IRC: #sha2021-volunteers
Contact at projectleiding: Damnlie
Backup Contact at projectleiding: Boekenwuurm

Team Members


Sha2021 is going to be the most heavenly place on earth ever! We are going to make everybody feel that volunteering has never been as easy or cool as it has been. We want to set an example for other camps and live the mantra **be excellent to each other** as it has never been done before. The key to this is communication and motivation. Let's keep the things that where good and be as creative as possible to make everything else wonderful.


Here is a list of ideas. Feel free to add more (also if you are not part of the volunteers team):

  • let's treat build-up, camp and tear-down all in the same way and work with the angel system from day -10 till the last day of tear-down.
  • different (cotton)badges for different things to do, most awesome badges for the worst jobs
  • have as many different native language speakers as possible on the desk so that people are understood even better
  • start-off meetings for teams that need heavy lifting stuff to build better teams
  • make 'things that are nice to do' (and thus everybody wants to do) available only during Camp, the rest also before
  • make it possible to volunteer for both build-up and tear-down via the angel system in advance (and make it possible to have some sort of validation on that)
  • make the 'angel training program' very clear and promote registration for certain trainings actively before the event
  • get in touch with the other teams at a very early stage to see what they might need and help them brainstorm on how to find the right people
  • make registration of volunteers that directly register with the teams super easy so that we have a complete overview of what is needed and what is already arranged for
  • perhaps a separate team Angel:Catering is a good idea
  • we need to get a more elaborated list of perks for angels, communicating just 'campfire' and '24x7 access to showers' does not sound like a lot. Would it be possible to get a jaccuzzi?
  • Can we get 'shows' for angels as in sort of theatre?
  • Let's make tear-down the most spectacular event of the whole camp. During and after teardown incredibly cool things should happen. Things people that normally would not stay for tear-down will take another week of holiday for. Things like 'everybody that stays for teardown 3 or more days will get an incredibly exclusive hoody'.
  • Make categories of tasks to make it easier to choose as in 'kids tasks' 'heavy lifting tasks' 'communicative tasks'.
  • Gather a large number of coordinators in advance and organise some gathering days before camp to do instruction.