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Will somebody think of the children !!1
1st line contacts: Gori, Fhp
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
IRC: #mch2021-family
Contact at projectleiding: Damnlie
Backup Contact at projectleiding: Boekenwuurm

Team Members



You are welcome to join the Team:Family and make SHA2021 an awesome experience for the next generation of hackers, and their nerdy parents.

Team organising the SH2017 family village has written a letter for us with the lessons learned : [1], It is also attached to the wiki File:Letter-to-future-team-family.pdf

Yes, you can join this team! Having kids, or experience in dealing with them is preferred, but certainly not required. Gori is looking for a active and dedicated team co-lead.

Expected things

Gori believes these are things that might be different from sha2017. All of this is not determined yet.

  • No kids <12 allowed during buildup and tear-down phase, most likely up to day -2, and from post event day + 1, exact days TBA. Safety risks are simply too high.
  • Location of the familiy village might be right of the the harbor, outside the dike. This solves the noise issues.
  • Professional, externally hired daycare is a good idea, and should be explored.

Cool ideas, wishes, suggestions

  • Your idea here!