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Curates the programme, from managing the CfP to setting up the schedule.

This team will have separate subteams for the speaker desk and the heralds. During the event it should ideally be based at the speaker lounge.

It will not do anything infodesk, media lounge, media desk related.

1st line contacts: Walter, Claudia, Martian, [[Robin|]]
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact at projectleiding:
Backup Contact at projectleiding:

Team Members

Team: Content will coordinate the conference content.

The team curates the programme, and also somewhat coordinate* things outside of the lecture-halls; like workshops, village activities, etcetera. With the help of villages and other groups, we will attempt to provide a more cohesive visitor experience, content-wise; with some overlap between the stuff going on at the campgrounds and the stuff in the lecture halls.

  • Coordination in this context doesn't mean deciding what is good content and what is not. Nor does it involve a high committee telling other people what to do. It rather means to entice villagers and other volunteers to join the bigger picture, and try to (partially) merge their content with the program, or prepare their own content in an accessible way. This may, of course, involve us pushing, harassing and stalking you from time to time. It also is likely to involve your stage place to give stage space to the main programme.

We are also responsible for helping out with the Speaker Desk and Heralds, although these will have separate (partially overlapping) teams.

Speaker Desk:

  • Kirilis/WitchDoc


  • WitchDoc/Ijon/Lindworm

Current tasks:

Lessons learned from SHA2017