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The mumble server can be found at Default port (64738), no password required.


Download a client from the Mumble website and/or see the Installing Mumble guidelines. Also, this is not a next-next-finish-alldone type of software, you need to configure it properly before joining a meeting. Make sure to follow the setup and audio-tuning wizard and tweak as appropriate.

authentication & encryption

Conversations are encrypted based on PKI certificates, Mumble uses a self-signed certificate client-side. If you'd like to configure your own certificate client-side, for instance, a CAcert one, you'll need to follow these steps:

  • Generate a private key and Certificate Signing Request (don't worry about the proper C/ST/L/O/OU questions, information in the CSR will be ignored by CAcert)
openssl req -utf8 -nodes -sha256 -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout username-mumble.key -out username-mumble.csr
  • Issue a "Client Certificate" based on the CSR via the CAcert website (the Common Name will be one of your email addresses you've verified with CAcert)
    • Include your name
    • Un-check Enable certificate login with this certificate
  • Download the certificate and the CAcert Root certificates
  • Combine the private key, certificate, Intermediate CA certificate ("Class 3 PKI key") and the CA Root certificate ("Class 1 PKI key") into a single PKCS12 file
openssl pkcs12 -export -out username-mumble.pkcs12 -inkey username-mumble.key -in username-mumble.pem -certfile CAcert_Class_3_Root.pem -certfile CA_Cert_Signing_Authority.pem
  • Import the PKCS12 file into the Mumble client

Make sure you also trust the CAcert Root certificates locally, or else the Mumble client will fail to connect, as the client also checks the issuers of the imported certificate.


The mumble server can be used for meetings by any team or project.

bi-weekly Orga meeting

Every thursday there is a orga meeting at 20:00

If you want to join that meeting please check if your sound settings are ok - do not configure it in the channel please.

Also if you are "just listening" please mute yourself.

howto behave

If you want to participate in a meeting please consider the following:

  • Properly configure your client in advance
  • Use a headset
  • Make sure you have push-to-talk configured. Protip:
    1. Push the button
    2. ... (Wait a second)
    3. Start talking
    4. Stop talking
    5. ... (Wait a second)
    6. Release the button
    7. Profit!
  • Make sure your surroundings are noise- and distraction-free environments
  • If you know you're not going to participate and just listen in: mute yourself
  • Use Push-To-Talk!
  • Use a headset!

The headset will reduce feedback loops/echoes massively. Proper Push-To-Talk discipline reduces random/background noises in the channel, e.g. nobody wants to listen to you while you're loudly slurping your drink, when you're riding a bike with lots of wind-noise or your SO/kids/friends/pets being loud in the same room.
If you join a meeting and you're causing unnecessary background noise, you will be forcefully muted by one of the admins.

the mumble admin team